How to survive infidelity

By admin
18 June 2010

Andries BekkerJoost van der Westhuizen,Tiger WoodsJohn Terry and Ashley Cole... all men who strayed while married - and all recently caught with women other than their wives.

Many shake their heads in disgust and urge people to dump their cheating partners. But for some it’s not easy to walk away – even if vows and hearts have been broken.

Amor Vittone only recently showed Joost the door after trying to repair their relationship. Elin Nordegren hasn’t yet decided whether she will divorce Tiger and Pioni Bekker says she’ll stay with her man.

But can a marriage survive infidelity? Yes, says Andrew G Marshall, author of the recently published book How Can I Ever Trust You Again?

In this week’s YOU he describes seven types of infidelity and explains how to get a relationship back on track.

For example there’s the cry-for-help affair.

Both parties know there are problems but are unable or unwilling to talk about them. Many cry-for-help affairs start on the internet and it doesn’t always feel like cheating,” Marshall says. He adds that openness and honesty is key to healing this kind of damage.

Infidelity is far more serious when it comes to the exit affair however.

“This is when one partner is sending a clear message that the relationship is over. It’s like negotiating through a loudspeaker - nasty, dramatic and blunt,” Marshall says.

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