How to unlock a hidden Chrome game on your smartphone or computer

By Litaletu Zidepa
26 March 2016

Be warned – it's addictive.

The Wi-Fi is down and you're bored and annoyed.

The kind folks at Google knew this was probably going to happen at some point -- so the Google Chrome internet browser developers devised a highly entertaining way for you to blow off some steam: the T-Rex Endless Runner Game.

There's a trick to finding it -- it's only accessible to users that are offline on the "Unable to connect to the internet" error page.

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Here's how it works:

Step 1: Disable your Wi-Fi connection under the settings options on your computer, or switch your smartphone to airplane mode (note that if you're using your cellphone, you'll need to have the Google Chrome app installed).

Step 2: Open Chrome. When you see the "Unable to connect" page, press your space bar or tap your screen to start playing.

Space 3: The ground beneath the T-Rex dinosaur will extend and he'll hurtle towards the cacti.

Step 4: Try to jump over all the cacti you encounter by hitting your space bar or tapping on your screen. The objective is simple: don't let your dino die!

T-rex game

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Your progress will be tracked and with every 100 points you earn you'll hear a statisfying ping that celebrates the score.

However, the score will disappear when you refresh the page, by which time (hopefully) your internet connection will have been restored.

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