How to work a room at a party

By admin
12 July 2014

Own the room (and everybody’s attention) by following our step-by-step floor plan.

Start here:

- Head straight for a big bunch of people in the middle of the room. Walk with purpose (this will make you look really confident!).

- Ensure your body language is open. This means no crossed arms or legs and talking with your palms wide open.

- Suss out your crush’s coordinates; for example, if he’s hanging out by the food table, sneak a potato chip and start a conversation.

- Swop groups. Instead of hanging with the same people all night, mix it up. You’ll look super popular and leave a lasting impression.

- Leave a conversation before it gets too boring. This way people won’t associate you with being boring! A trip to the toilet is the perfect excuse.

- Sometimes hanging in a big group can make you seem unapproachable. Be sure to hang with just a couple of peeps at some point.

- If you haven’t got on the dance floor by 10 pm, get on it.

- Even social butterflies need to rest their poor feet. Plonk yourself next to a really cute dude.

WARNING: Whining about your sore feet to a guy = Yawnsville. Try, “How’s your night going?”

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