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11 October 2010

The book has taken the world by storm, creeping into the hearts of millions of women who devoured every word of Elizabeth Gilbert’s captivating journey of discovery. Now fans are eager to see how the bestselling Eat Pray Love translates onto the big screen as it hits South African cinemas amid a flurry of hype.

Romantic-drama veteran Julia Roberts takes centre stage in the movie focusing on Elizabeth’s odyssey that begins on the bathroom floor of her New York home.

She makes the brave decision to take a year off for soul-searching and heads to Italy where she feasts on fabulous food as she recovers from her messy divorce, then India where she learns to pray and finally Indonesia where she finds love.

At a glance it seems like a winning recipe but early reviews have been mixed – seems it’s a movie you either love or hate. That hasn’t stopped it from grossing $98 million (about R686 million) since its release in America last month.

Julia was one of the many women who related to Elizabeth’s story. But even though it ranks among her favourite books she was initially reluctant to take on the movie role because she was worried it would keep her away from her kids for too long.

Producer Brad Pitt and director Ryan Murphy, who’s been responsible for TV hits such as Nip/Tuck and Glee, weren’t willing to take no for an answer.

Writing the book helped Elizabeth to reinvent herself and making the movie proved to be a life-changing experience for Julia. Raised a Catholic, the Oscar-winner was so moved by India it prompted her to change her religion.

“I’m a practising Hindu,” she revealed in a recent interview, adding she often goes to temples in America to with her husband, cameraman Danny Moder, twins Phinnaeus and Hazel (5) and Henry (3).

A decade ago her career was her life but since getting married and becoming a mother her priorities have changed.

“If I ever had to make a choice between the two it would be a very easy choice to make,” she muses.

It’s no surprise then that Julia is looking at taking fewer and smaller roles and producing. Next up is a minor role in Larry Crowne, directed by friend Tom Hanks.

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