Hugh Grant: I could be in crisis mode

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24 November 2014

Hugh Grant is “guilty” of some midlife crisis behaviour.

Hugh Grant is “guilty” of some midlife crisis behaviour. The dapper British actor can be seen in The Rewrite, in which he plays an Oscar-winning writer who moves from Hollywood to become a teacher when he hits a wall with his scripts. While at his college, he falls for a single mom who has gone back to school to study. And while he doesn’t think his character is suffering with growing older, the 54-year-old can relate to wanting to slow the process down a little. “A midlife crisis, to me, is a middle-aged man who suddenly wears tight trousers and is driving Ferraris and that’s not this character,” he explained to

'I am much more curious now than ten years ago'

“What some people call a midlife crisis, some of those things I am guilty of I do love fast cars and, at the age of 54, I do motor racing. And I don’t stay in at night and smoke a pipe - I do go out quite a lot.”

Hugh is a father to three children – two with ex Tinglan Hong and one with former fling Anna Elisabet Eberstein. He might have plenty to teach his brood, but growing older has encouraged him to swot up on things himself.

“With age comes curiosity. I am much more curious now than ten years ago,” he admitted.

“I go to bed and I google ‘what’s electricity?’ I’m 54 and I don’t know what electricity is! All these things; I want to learn them.”

Starring alongside Hugh in The Rewrite is Marisa Tomei, as single mom Holly. He has nothing but praise for 49-year-old.

“She’s an Oscar-winning actress for a reason; she’s a proper genius,” he gushed.

“She has a very different method from mine. She’s a method actress; she really buries herself in the part and was focused on it for six months before we started. She was asking the director 20, 30 questions per day about her character, for six months, and I’m not like that.”

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