Hugh Grant: I’ll no longer flash rear end

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12 February 2015

Hugh Grant isn’t planning on flashing his buttocks anytime soon.

The 54-year-old actor is currently promoting his new romcom Rewrite, in which he stars as an Oscar-winning screenwriter who falls in love with a single mom after moving from Hollywood to the East Coast.

And although he’s still landing romantic leads, handsome Grant thinks he’s ageing too rapidly to show skin on-screen anymore.

'Nor have I interest in showing any of my other bits either'

“I showed my a*s once. I was 25 then. It was a quite nice-looking 25-year-old a*s then,” he recalled to Page Six. “I no longer plan on flashing it, except to my two-year-old son. Now, most days when he sees it, it makes him laugh. Nor have I interest in showing any of my other bits either.”

In the past, Hugh shared his thoughts with America’s Elle magazine on reaching his fifties.

He noted it’s getting harder to maintain a svelte physique as he rises in age.

“I feel fat coming upon me fast. I have to work very hard at that,” he told the publication.

His exercise routine altered in distinct ways once he reached the age epoch.

In his fifties, Hugh prefers to take on exercise that stretches out his body and targets his key problem areas.

“I quite like Pilates now. I have a Pilates girl in every city,” he shared.

The Bridget Jones’s Diary star was asked to decide which sport he’d take on if he could win an Olympic gold medal.

And in his response, Hugh made it clear extreme cardio doesn’t appeal very much.

“I don't care much for the Olympics. Sweaty drug addicts,” he told Elle.

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