Hugh Grant: Treading the boards is tough

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17 January 2015

Hugh Grant loves working with people who “genuinely enjoy” acting.

The star is best known for playing the dapper gent in rom-coms such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

'It was good to be back doing proper acting with people who were genuinely enjoying it'

Now he’s made a return to the stage, where he started his career. Hugh has teamed up with The Baked Bean Theatre Company, a platform for actors with learning disabilities. Yesterday play The Drama Group was put on at the Lilian Baylis Studio in London, UK.

“You wouldn’t have thought [I’d done it before] from what I did yesterday,” Hugh laughed to TV show Good Morning Britain.

“I love films but it was good to be back doing proper acting with people who were genuinely enjoying it.”

Despite his acting credentials, the star also admits he got a little stage fright.

“I got quite nervous and I flunked my lines a bit but everyone was very kind and supportive,” he smiled.

The play is based on Baroness Sheila Hollins’ book from the Beyond Words series, which is aimed at people with learning disabilities. Her son Nigel and Hugh, who he is friends with, co-wrote the book.

"I often have a moan about acting as a job when I'm doing interviews. It's partly because film acting is a bit slow and dull. And partly because I can't quite bring myself to spout the usual stuff about how wonderful the experience of making whatever film it was has been, and how much acting heals my spirit etc etc,” Hugh admitted in a statement.

"But, I will say this: amateur acting was always a genuine pleasure. I had a real laugh doing plays at school and university. I genuinely loved the performing, the excitement, the bonding, the romances with the girl playing Masha, the cast parties, the b***hing, everything.”

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