Hugh Jackman: A child at heart

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05 October 2015

Australian star Hugh Jackman says having kids awoke the inner child in him.

The actor and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness have adopted son and daughter Oscar and Ava together. Since starting a family, 46-year-old Hugh has started to feel more youthful.

"Oh yes!" he grinned to Germany's TV Direkt magazine when asked if his inner child is alive and kicking. "Even more so since I have my own. No one reminds you more of your childhood than your little ones."

'No one reminds you more of your childhood than your little ones'

Maybe his youthful energy also inspired him to take on the role of baddie Blackbeard in Pan, which is a new take on the classic tale of Peter Pan. Appearing in the movie was an amazing experience for the star.

"It was so fun!" he gushed. "Being crazy and deplorable is just brilliant. Always playing the goodie gets boring after a while."

Just because he is a child at heart doesn't mean Hugh is a complete soft touch when it comes to his brood. Having learnt respect from his own father, the star is now keen to pass that on to Oscar and Ava.

"Not for me," he answered the Britain's edition of OK! magazine when asked if it's hard not to spoil his kids all the time. "My father made us very respectful. He brought me up for most of my childhood, so with five kids he was very regimented. We did all our housework, we cooked all the dinners - this was when I was eight.

"(I want to teach them the importance of) being respectful to others and not just thinking about yourself. Being grateful no matter what's going on. And to love their father with all their heart! I also really encourage them with the things they genuinely love doing, no matter what that is."

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