Hugh Jackman not allowed to work with Angelina Jolie

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06 July 2015

Hugh Jackman's wife has banned him from working with Angelina Jolie.

The Australian star and Deborra-Lee Furness will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next year and they raise two adopted children together.

Angelina is also happily betrothed, having made her long-term relationship with Brad Pitt official last year. The pair met while they were making 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith, when Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

'I’m sure she’s lovely'

"I’ve told his agent he’s not allowed to work with Angelina, I’m sure she’s lovely," actress Deborra-Lee joked to Australia's Today show, after the couple were asked how they cope with seeing each other smooch other people for work.

Deborra-Lee's comments were in jest, and she was quick to make that clear.

"That’s the deal with this business. If you get it right, if you pick the right partner, then, you traverse all those travails and challenges," she clarified.

The couple don't spend more than two weeks apart, even when they're working, which they believe is why their relationship has held firm over the years. Apart from anything, they have no desire to be without each other for weeks on end, with Deborra-Lee explaining she would miss Hugh too much.

The couple decided to adopt their son Oscar and daughter Ava after they had problems having children naturally. Deborra-Lee suffered two miscarriages, but she wants people to know that wasn't the only reason they took the adoption route.

"A lot of people don’t know that we were always going to adopt. We were going to have one and adopt one," she explained.

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