Hykie gets Gigi’s vote

By admin
25 May 2011

She hasn’t been following the current season of Survivor, but Gigi knows exactly how the last two contestants in the final episode of Survivor must feel.

It’s celeb versus pleb in the final episode of Survivor: Maldives. Fans of the show are waiting with bated breath to see who will walk away with the million between actor Hykie Berg and biokeneticist Letshsego Moshoeu on Thursday.

“They must just relax and be themselves. They have already played the game and they should be proud. It is nice to win but just making it to the final two is a huge achievement.”

“Although I haven’t been following the game, I would like Hykie to win. I know him personally and I will definitely be supporting him on Thursday. But whoever wins the million Rand, I hope they donate some of the money to charity,” said Giggi, last year’s winner.

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