'I did a scene in wet lingerie!' - Amanda du Pont on her new movie role

By admin
12 August 2014

The actress and TV presenter plays a gold-digging beauty queen in new local romcom Between Friends.

She shines in her role as gold-digging beauty queen Nisha in new local movie Between Friends and that's in no small part thanks to the fact that the camera just loves Amanda du Pont.

The movie tells the story of five university friends who reunite at an upmarket game lodge seven years after graduating. It's the very same lodge where they spent a wild night years ago and some long-buried secrets are let out of the bag. The RGB presenter plays the gorgeous girlfriend of suave businessman Nkanyiso, played by Thapelo Mokoena.

We caught up with the Swazi beauty at the film's premiere where she turned heads in a stunning blue dress that showed some serious leg.

Which part of your character Nisha resonates with you?

The fashionista in her - although she’s a cheap fashionista, she can make stuff look expensive! But definitely being a fashionista. Also her drive and her survival instinct as well as her focus.

What was the best moment on set for you?

There's a scene where I get so upset and lose my mind, where I shout at Thapelo Mokoena’s character. I remember I had to show that this girl is not quite okay in the head. I committed to it 150% and after shooting that scene I broke down on the floor crying. I truly gave my all for this character. I think it's the best work  that I've ever done.

Thapelo as Nkanyiso and Amanda du Pont as Nisha. Thapelo as Nkanyiso and Amanda du Pont as Nisha.

What was the most awkward scene you had to shoot?

The scene where I propose! I’m in wet lingerie and my nipples show! I’m self-conscious about my body. I know that as an actress you have to commit to the character you’re playing and not be self-conscious but my nipples were out!

What would you say is Nisha’s catch phrase?

Umm babe, can I have your credit card?

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