'I dropped 8kg in 2 months!' Mr South Africa's stringent diet and workout regime ahead of Mr World

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06 July 2016

Armand says he hopes he can make South Africa as proud as Rolene Strauss did when she brought home the Miss World crown in 2014.

Armand du Plessis (27) shed 8 kg in two months in preparation for the Mr World Competition, which will be held later this month in Southport, England. He set off for London on Wednesday 6 June and says he hopes he can make South Africa as proud as Rolene Strauss did when she brought the Miss World crown home at the end of 2014. “Sport made up most of my preparation because I knew there were so many sport challenges coming,” he says.

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As in the Miss World Competition, competitors in the Mr World Competition must take part in various smaller competitions to win points and so ensure their places in the top 15.

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Read more: Meet our new Miss South Africa: Ntandoyenkosi Kunene “There were many early morning gym sessions; I swam, ran and did CrossFit. That was the only physical preparation I did.”

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Armand, an article clerk from Roodepoort, says he has done up to four hours a day in the gym in preparation. He also had to watch what he eats -- right now, he’s following a high-protein diet.

“In the mornings I have oats and an egg-white omelette. Later I’ll have, for example, “chicken-ham”, rice cakes, chicken breasts and sweet potatoes. At night it will be mince, basmati rice and vegetables.”

Read more: From size 52 to 32! Here’s how this Cape Town policewoman shed more than half her body weight Armand laughs when he says he’s tired of healthy food. He loves sweet treats. “What’s difficult about the diet is what happened in Cape Town, for example. I landed and had to go out and buy my food and ask the hotel to prepare it for me. It’s quite a sacrifice and a lot of trouble.” In his two suitcases Armand had to pack 10 pairs of shoes including training tackies, 10 suits, gumboots for the talent competition and a large coffee-table book about the Springbok rugby team which will be auctioned during the competition.

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“Many people think Mr World is a bodybuilding competition; that it’s about the person with the best build or the biggest six pack. That’s not what it’s about,” Armand says. Read more: Former teacher from Bloem takes the title at international bodybuilding competition He says the focus is mainly on charity and a balanced lifestyle. He also says people often think everything is handed to you on a silver platter once the Mr South Africa scarf is on your shoulders.

“When I won I was thrown in at the deep end. You have to go out and find your own sponsors. You must identify the charity organisations you want to work with. You must create opportunities for yourself where you can. “I must say, it was hard work creating those opportunities.”

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He says people aren’t as aware of the Mr South Africa pageant as they were 10 years ago; they’ve almost forgotten about the competition.

“Because of this I had to work so much harder to tell people and show them such a competition still exists.”

The gala function takes place on 19 July and will be broadcast on the Mr World-YouTube channel.

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