'I eat it like sherbet!' This woman is addicted to eating baby powder

By Richard van Rensburg
03 July 2016

It smells so good, was her first thought, and then: I wonder how it tastes?

Lizzie Foster was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Ruby, and her strange craving for baby powder upset her at first. Before long she couldn’t resist taking a bite.

“I poured some on my palm… and I liked it.”

“It tasted soapy and I kept on eating it,” remembers the 25-year-old mom from Portsmouth, England about the beginning of her peculiar addiction.

“I think I was lacking something in my food, which I got from the powder. They say cravings during pregnancy are to do with a vitamin D or iron deficiency.”

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Lizzie hoped that once Ruby arrived she’d be rid of her craving. But alas, she still craved the talc powder which lists a mineral which contains magnesium, silicone and oxygen as its main ingredients.

And 8 years later, after roughly 400 powder containers, she has consumed an estimated quarter ton of baby powder. Lizzie runs through a 500g container in just a week.

“I eat it all the time. I have it for breakfast and while I'm watching TV. When I go to work, I carry a tub of it in my bag to have as a snack.”

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“I eat it like sherbet.”

But where did this strange habit come from?

Liz possibly suffers from a compulsive disorder which makes her want to consume inedible materials like sand, gravel, brick, coal, paper or chalk.

According to America’s national health institute the talc mineral can be poisonous for the body if ingested or inhaled.

Trouble with breathing, coughing and eye irritation is a few of the side effects. Low blood pressure, convulsions, diarrhoea, vomiting, chest pain and even lung failure could also occur. People who have ingested talc powder are instructed to find immediate medical assistance.

But in spite of all the health risks, Liz can just not resist the urge. She would even eat some powder in between changing her daughter Ruby’s nappies, and then later her son, Billy’s (2). Her husband, Dan, and Ruby only just found out about her addiction a few years ago. The family was watching television while on vacation when the craving hit Lizzie.

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“I craved it so much I didn't care what my family thought anymore. I had some in my bag and got it out and started eating it.” Her husband Dan’s reaction was, “What on earth are you doing?''

She’s at least not scared that her children will follow her example and start eating baby powder like her. When Ruby sees her mom at it, she just sighs and yells: ''She's doing it again.''

Lizzie recently suffered from stomach cramps and a bout of coughing, but is convinced that it’s got nothing to do with her habit. She reckons that she’ll stop doing it when she is sure that it’s making her sick.

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