'I felt like I was dying!': Snooki shares her labour horror

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01 October 2014

Snooki felt like she was “dying” during labour.

Snooki felt like she was “dying” during labour.

The former Jersey Shore star gave birth to her second child with fiancé Jionni LaValle Friday morning. And she was candid about how painful the entire experience was while talking to listeners on her weekly podcast this week. “I give you all the props in the world, because me? I cannot take that pain,” she said while giving a shout-out to other mothers, MTV News reports. “I was trying to breathe and, you know, be calm. But it just feels like there’s a million knives stabbing you in the uterus, and you just can’t do it. And I was dying.”

‘It feels like there’s a million knives stabbing you in the uterus, and you just can’t do it’

The star recalled how she began to feel pain the day before her delivery. She was watching the New York Yankees play shortly before welcoming baby Giovanna and didn’t think she was going to be able to make it through.

“I am literally on all fours, in front of the TV — shaking my a*s back and forth because I’m in so much pain. And I was just like, I can’t do this,” Snooki revealed, sharing her shock.

“Everything worked out. But the fact that I felt the contractions up to almost seven centimeters — holy crap.”

Snooki isn’t holding anything back about the experience.

The star, who is already mother to two-year-old son Lorenzo, agreed to film the birth of her daughter for her reality show Snooki & JWoww.

She recently spoke about how vastly her two pregnancies differed.

"I gave birth to Lorenzo two weeks and two days early!” she lamented in a previous blog post. “I feel like I am I going to be overdue. I’m at that point where I can’t move, I can’t sleep, I’m waking up 20 times throughout the night, rolling out of bed, waddling to the bathroom and prayng that my mucus plug falls out and my water breaks and I’m just ready to go at this point (sic)."

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