I killed your mom!

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01 October 2010

Gordon Lorimer (33) seems jovial in the presence of his seven-year-old twins but his heart is heavy because he knows the kids he has raised single-handedly might have to get by without him in future.

Because he has the prospect of a jail sentence hanging over his head.

If it comes into effect Gordon will spend the next six years behind bars. And the boys he has raised since they were in nappies will be brought up by someone else.

And it’s all because their mom, Colette Lorimer, whom they hardly knew, died tragically shortly before their first birthday at the hands of Gordon.

It was an accident, Gordon says sadly of that fateful night on 1 April 2004 when Colette (26), attacked him. He grabbed her around the neck to stop her.

He didn’t understand it at the time but Gordon now suspects his wife suffered from postnatal depression.

Colette was angry with Gordon and plucked one of the babies from his chair and put him down roughly.

“I told her not to take out her anger on our baby. Then she attacked me with her fists and kicked me. I feel ashamed talking about it now,” he says, hanging his head.

“But she was bigger than me. When she stumbled I grabbed her around the neck to stop her.”

He and the kids have often looked at pictures of their mom and he has always answered their questions, he says.

At first they knew only she’d died in an “accident” when they were babies. They began asking more probing questions shortly after their fourth birthday.

“That was definitely the most difficult moment of my life.”

He will never forget their shocked expressions. “I’ve never been so afraid in my life; afraid my children would reject me,” he admits.

The events of the night his wife died are a nightmare he’ll live with for the rest of his life.

He was released on bail at the time. He was convicted on culpable homicide charges in August and sentenced to six years in jail. His appeal has been rejected.

His last hope is now a Constitutional Court ruling on the rights of his children to his parental care.

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