I love you forever – until the script us parts

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30 December 2013

Marrying is second nature to some soapie characters

In the soapie world marrying is as commonplace as brushing your teeth or paying tax. But what can you expect in a world where women rise from bed in the mornings fully made-up? These soapie characters have no fear of tying the knot:

Brooke Logan of The Bold and The Beautiful

Brooke was initially in love with, Ridge the son of the well-off and influential Forrester family but married the patriarch, Eric, before succeeding in dragging Ridge to the altar for the first time.

And after that she married – and divorced – Ridge a staggering seven times. The stormy relationship between her and Ridge was also the catalyst for her years-long feud with Ridge’s other on-off romantic affair with psychologist Dr Taylor Hayes.

Brooke and Eric also walked up the aisle twice and, to top it all, she even married Eric’s son and Ridge’s brother Thorne. Talk about a family affair . . .

Her other marriages – to Grant Chambers, Whip Jones and Nick Marone – were short and sweet.

So, in total, blonde Brooke has married thirteen times. Wonder where she stores all her wedding dresses.

Ridge Forrester of The Bold and the Beautiful

Heartbreaker Ridge Forrester also should have no shortage of wedding outfits. He’s hot on the heels of his ex-wife Brooke when it comes to divorcing.

Besides the seven times he’s married Brooke, he and Taylor have married three times and their second wedding actually lasted eight years.  You’d be excused for thinking this a soapie record, but then you must remember Taylor wasn’t in the storyline for six of those eight years.

She was mistakenly assumed dead after an air crash. Only in the soapies . . .

Ron Moss, the actor who has played Ridge Forrester for more than 25 years, recently left the series and was replaced by Thorsten Kaye. Visit this site to check out what the new Ridge looks like: http://www.you.co.za/hotornot/katys-cape/

Ryno Lategan of 7de Laan

The successful writer of Hillside is a very active thorn among the roses and has been married four times – to Barbara van Heerden, Christelle Terreblanche, redhead Anette Lategan and Emma le Roux.

Ryno, these days a journalist and editor of the local newspaper the Hillside Times, is a man who fell in love and got engaged a lot in his younger days.

In his more recent relationships with Isabelle Moolman and Marcel van Niekerk, he wasn’t exactly head-over-heels though and the flames of love were extinguished before they reached the altar.

After Marcel’s departure he’s been a bachelor for some time – and it remains to be seen whether viewers will see him tying the knot for the fifth time?

- Almari Wessels

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