'I made double sure she was still breathing'

By News24 Wire
15 May 2017

"I got a 'chilled' feeling that I was not looking for a little girl anymore, not looking for a little girl who is going to call back at me."

Howard Oliver (28) insists that he could not have killed Franziska Blöchliger as semen from multiple men was found in her body, the Western Cape High Court heard on Monday morning.

"It could not have been me, there were multiple semen [sic] inside her. I'm only one person. I was alone," said Oliver in Afrikaans, in a video clip shown in court.

Prosecutor Lenro Badenhorst told News24 that a post-mortem did not support Oliver's argument as no semen was found in Blöchliger's private parts.

Oliver stands accused of murdering 16-year-old Franziska when he tried to rob her during a jog in the Tokai forest on March 7, 2016.

In video clips shown in court, Oliver took investigative officers to the scene where he confessed to attacking her.

He said he tried to steal her iPhone when he suffocated her.

"I made double sure she was still breathing," he said repeatedly throughout the clips. Oliver said he tied her up in such a way that she could get loose. "She can get back her cellphone, but she can't get her life back. I only took her phone," he said. He indicated that he had pulled off Franziska's pants so that she had to "fix" herself when she awoke, before she could go looking for help. But he denied that he had removed her underwear.

Franziska's body was found in a fynbos veld 10m from Tokai forest with her head covered with rotten wood.

Jarred van Wyk, a member of the neighbourhood's specialist response team, said when he arrived at the forest on the afternoon of March 7, 2016, most people were searching for Franziska between the trees.

Van Wyk searched at a sandy footpath where he discovered a turquoise running shoe.

"I phoned to ask for a clear description of the shoe. They said it was a Nike tekkie turquoise in colour," Van Wyk said.


Van Wyk said he went into the veld, roughly 10m from the sandy road when a woman walking her dog arrived.

He told her what they were looking for after which she walked away.

"The way she screamed [when she saw the body] still gives me nightmares," Van Wyk said.

Van Wyk called the response team to come and assist him before he went to the body.

"I felt for a pulse on the wrist and the neck. She was still warm," a teary Van Wyk said.

"I couldn't see her face, her face was covered with a rotten piece of wood."

Van Wyk was testifying in the murder trial of Howard Oliver, 28, who is accused of murdering Blöchliger when he tried to rob her.

Oliver already confessed to stealing Blöchlinger's iPhone when she jogged in the Tokai forest but said she was still alive when he left her.

In videos shown in court on Monday morning, Oliver showed investigative officers the scene where he attacked her.

He said he suffocated her when he took her phone and ring.

Oliver said he could not find the watch Blöchliger had been wearing when he attacked her.

Oliver said he tied Blöchliger's legs in such a way to give him enough time to run away before she could free herself.

"I made double sure she was still breathing," he repeated several times in the video clips.

Marc Jafta, a childhood friend of Oliver, testified that Oliver tried to sell the phone to him on the day of the murder.

He said Oliver had a history of aggression.

"He [Oliver] can get really angry when he knows you are wrong," Jafta said.

"He beat me up a couple of times. We fought when we were younger, he is strong."

Source: News24 Wire

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