'I needed to care for him': Mom spends 15 days caring for body of her stillborn son

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21 July 2016

In the days after his birth, a UK mom spent days changing her son’s nappies, reading him stories and rocking him in her arms.

Like any loving mother, UK mom spent the days after her son's birth changing his nappies, reading him stories and rocking him in her arms. Except her baby boy was stillborn.

After a difficult pregnancy, nurse Lynsey Bell went into labour five weeks before her due date.

The 32-year-old was rushed into theatre at a local hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tine. The last thing she remembers was hearing that her baby would be stillborn.

She awoke two days later, with her husband Mark was at her bedside. "You’ve been in a coma for two days," Lynsey remembers him telling her, in a heartrending article on the The Mirror.

"‘Rory’s here,’ he said."

"As I registered his words I remembered that was the name we’d chosen for our unborn baby."

Little Rory had died after Lynsey developed serious pre-eclampsia that had caused her placenta to detach from my womb causing the haemhorrage, she explains.

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Eventually, heartbroken Lynsey had worked up the courage to see her son.

"I didn’t want to, but I was his mummy, and I knew I had no choice.

Mark went to fetch Rory from "a cold room" in the labour ward.

"'Here he is,’ he said, placing him down on the bed beside me," Lynsey recalls, describing how Rory's little cheeks were cold and hard to the touch.

It was overwhelming.

"Rory was my son. I needed to care for him, I needed to change his nappy and get to know him. I owed him that."

So while Lynsey recovered in hospital over the next two weeks, she and Mark saw Rory as often as they wanted.

"My only fear was letting him get too warm," she says.

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"‘Put him back’ I told Mark if I felt we'd cuddled him too long. I wanted to preserve my boy for as long as we possibly could."

Lynsey and husband, Mark (32), have three other children Daisy (10), Max (7) and Poppy (4).

After she was discharged, the parents were allowed to take Rory’s little body home to spent one evening with his family before they took him to the funeral service.

“For one special night, we did everything we would have done during his first year. We cuddled him in bed, we read him stories and we changed and bathed him. Our families came to say goodbye, each taking a turn for one last cuddle.”

The next day little Rory was buried next to Lynsey’s grandfather. She keeps a candle burning in a glass lantern in his memory.

Lynsey and Mark grieve for their son but she says she is happy that she survived the complicated birth.

“People often feel awkward about mentioning Rory's name around me, but I love talking about my son. He's just as much a part of our family as our living children. I'll never forget my special baby, and for as long as I'm able I'll keep his candle burning.”

Source: The Daily Mail, The Mirror

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