'I thought I had paralysed my son': Janez's dire warning to parents after Father's Day nightmare

By Kirstin Buick
20 June 2016

Janez's two-year-old son Vincent was hurt in a trampoline accident.

Like most doting dads, Janez Vermeiren had planned to spend the Father's Day weekend having a ball with his kids. But it quickly turned into the Man Cave host's "Father's Day nightmare" after a trampoline accident with his two-year-old son, Vincent. Janez, who is also dad to two-month-old Noah with his wife Juliana, and Matisse (12), shared a gut-wrenching photo of the normally boisterous tot strapped up in a hospital bed after the accident.

In the caption, he explained how he and Vincent had been jumping on the trampoline on Saturday 18 June, when he accidentally double-bounced the toddler. As a result of the force, Vincent landed on his head and bent his neck backwards. "To all parents trampolines can be very dangerous, please watch out!"

"I thought I had paralyzed my own son," the father-of-three admitted. "Devastated I rushed him to hospital for a neck and brain scan. Thankfully all was ok but it it could have been very different. "I have learnt such a valuable lesson and thank God for looking out for us. Father's Day was almost my worst nightmare." We're so happy little Vincent is okay, Janez!

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