‘I woke up to my mother screaming’: Jay Anstey held hostage in her own home

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12 February 2015

Actress Jay Anstey and her family were held up in their home yesterday.

“It was 20 minutes to seven in the morning and Jay heard her mom scream," an insider told YOU. "The next moment a guy walked into her room and held their family hostage. They tied them up and locked them in Jay’s room while they broke into the house.”
'Those 3 men were as affected by us as we were them'

The former Isidingo star revealed on Instagram that three men stole all her family's "worldly posessions".

"It was a surreal and bizarre experience," she added. Still, Jay is just glad she and her family are safe. "I am so grateful for my faith and Angels who watched over me and my family. I believe we make soul contracts with everyone who comes into our lives," she wrote on Instagram.

She's even said she hopes the men who subjected her and her parents to their horrific ordeal "find compassion and love in their hearts."

"Those 3 men were as affected by us as we were them. Never fight hate with hate. Only love can help heal the world. It was because of the love we showed them that we came out unharmed. #ShowLove #BeGrateful," Jay added.

Out thoughts are with Jay and the Anstey's as they deal with the aftermath of the awful incident.

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