Ideas for photographs

06 June 2014

Digital cameras have made it easy to take copious amounts of pictures of your children. But you don’t want these images to lie around gathering digital dust. Here are a few ideas we found on Pinterest.

Strings of photographs

Create a fun atmosphere in your home by attaching photographs to lengths of ribbon or wool and hanging them against a wall or loosely from the ceiling. Use washing pegs to attach the pictures to the ribbon or wool.


Arrange your favourite family photographs in the form of a heart on a bare wall.

Your own yearbook

Select your favourite photographs at the end of each year and make a family yearbook. This will enable you to keep everything together and you won’t have to search hundreds of computer files for your favourite pictures.

Stone art

Use river stones to make these paper weights.

The heart of the home

Devote a whole wall to your family pictures.


Exhibit your pictures with other special items on a shelf somewhere in your house. This will enable you to replace the photographs in the frames or move them around as you like.

Model family

If you’re fortunate enough to have professional photographs of your family, why not show them off? Have the best photographs printed on giant canvases and exhibit them like art.


Use a giant frame such as this one to exhibit literally hundreds of pictures. You can make one for each of your children for his or her birthday – what a special gift!

Bottled memories

Use empty glass bottles for unique picture frames.

A frame that fits

For a more sophisticated look you can place a variety of family pictures in similar frames and display them on a wall.

Photographs on stairs

A flight of stairs in your house is the ideal place to display pictures. Be creative in the way you attach them to the wall.

Window of the soul

Use a window frame for a rustic feel.

Clip it

Using a clipboard is a cheap and easy way to display pictures. It’s easy to replace the pictures or put new ones on top of the old ones.


Using a pinboard is another easy way of displaying pictures. You can arrange the pictures as you please and also pin up mementoes such as concert tickets or your child’s artworks.

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