Idols’ runner-up L’loyd Cele

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05 November 2010

Barney the purple dinosaur was Levi Cele’s hero. He knew the cartoon character’s songs and had almost every DVD he featured in.

But since Levi’s dad, L’loyd, became a TV star he’s abandoned Barney for a mini-drum set, microphone and guitar. L’loyd is his idol now – and thousands of South Africans feel the same.

L’loyd lost out in the nailbiting Idols finale to Elvis Blue but to his family and fans he’s a winner.

We chatted to his wife, Janice, in their comfortable, toy-strewn home in Phoenix near Durban, which they might soon leave because L’loyd has many gigs planned in Johannesburg.

They haven’t seriously discussed moving but Janice will do whatever she might have to to help her 30-year-old husband succeed in his career.

‘‘I knew this was his ultimate dream and it made me so proud and happy to see him chasing it. I supported him all the way,’’ she says.

Now Idols is over L’loyd wants to take his family on holiday. ‘‘I’ve never spent so much time away from Janice and Levi and I desperately need to spend some quality time with them.’’

Janice hopes they’ll go somewhere nobody knows them so she and Levi can have L’loyd to themselves.

He can’t wait to see what the future holds. ‘‘I told my wife regardless of whether I win or lose we’re going to make the best of this. It would be ridiculous for me to have such a great opportunity and not take it further. Fans have shown me so much love, the least I can do is continue to make music.’’

He hopes more aspiring musician will follow his path.

‘‘There are people in the townships who’ll make you weep with their singing but they feel they can’t achieve their dreams because they don’t have money,’’ he says. ‘‘I want to show people they shouldn’t give up – if this can happen to me it can happen to anyone.’’

Read the full article in YOU, 11 November 2010.

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