'If it wasn’t for the baby, she would never have found out about the tumours'

By Litaletu Zidepa
25 February 2016

Kim and Phil had just adopted three little girls and were over the moon when Kim discovered she was expecting another child.

But their happiness was shattered when Kim went for a baby check-up -- and discovered she  had two tumours in her brain.

Kim Vaillancourt (36) and husband Phil (37), from New York were left devastated after the mother-to-be was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Gilioblastama two days after Christmas.

“If it wasn’t for the baby, she would’ve never gone to hospital” Phil told Texas news channel KHOU.

The news came on the 27 December, just days after the pair adopted their three daughters Kamila (10), Josie (7), and Chalie (6), from a troubled home. Kim and Phil, who celebrated their 15-year anniversary last year, are already parents to 12-year-old Ryan and 11-year-old Hailey.

Now, the parents-of-six to be are praying for a miracle.

Neuro-oncologist Dr Ajay Abad from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute told the outlet Kim may not have time on her side if the tumours are left untreated.

"In some cases, we'll see the tumour grow back in a span of 8 to 12 weeks," explained Dr Abad.

While the prevention for most cancer patients is chemotherapy and radiation, Kim is not like most patients -- she's eight months pregnant and the unborn baby her first priority.

"The baby gave me a chance. I've got to give baby a chance," said Kim.

The mother also expressed her concern about leaving her husband as the caregiver to her six children, particularly since their daughter  Josie was born without arms and legs.

“I’m in one of two places. I either get to stay with Phil and the kids and live a long life. Or I get to go home and be with Jesus. I’m ok. [Phil’s] the one that’s stuck holding everything and trying to juggle all of this craziness.”

Kim further expressed how she would love to live and see her children graduate and get married.

Her oldest son Ryan shared his thoughts about his mother’s condition.

“I know it’s happening for a reason. I just don’t know what the reason is,” he said.

Family and friends have poured in their support for the Vaillancourt family, with a GoFundMe page created to help Kim’s hospital bills and for the children.

The couple has already chosen a name for their baby boy: Wyatt Eli.

It means “Brave Little Warior Sent by God".

Sources: MailOnline, Fox News, KHOU

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