If Lamar survives, he 'may never lead a normal life'

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16 October 2015

Even if Lamar Odom does wake up, he has "virtually no chance of ever leading a normal life".

Even if Lamar Odom does wake up, he has "virtually no chance of ever leading a normal life", TMZ reports.

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The outlet claims doctors continue to put Lamar's chances of survival at 50/50.

"We're told he showed 'absolutely no improvement' Thursday from the condition he was in when he was admitted to the hospital Tuesday. As one person put it, 'He's in dire straits'."

The 35-year-old sportsman is believed to have been placed into a medically induced coma on Wednesday after being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada on Tuesday.

Lamar is currently being supported by estranged wife Khloé Kardashian as well as her sisters Kourtney and Kim and mother Kris Jenner as he battles for his life in hospital.

However, Kim apparently told doctors on Thursday that she believes Lamar squeezed her hand at one point, according to Entertainment Tonight.

'It's just a sad situation all around'

Other moments that have been deemed encouraging by medical professionals include Lamar’s eyes apparently fluttering open for a brief second.

Despite the positive developments, things are far from plain sailing for Lamar.

Sources added to the outlet that Lamar’s kidneys are proving the most concerning for his doctors as they are on the verge of failing.

He has been placed on dialysis and is still in critical condition.

TMZ.com also quoted sources as saying Lamar’s hand squeezing could have been an involuntary movement.

Meanwhile, former *NSYNC singer Lance Bass has opened up about Lamar’s condition, admitting the family are struggling to cope.

Lance is a close friend of the reality star clan, with Kris attending Lance’s wedding in December.

"I mean, the family is devastated, of course," Lance said during an interview on The Meredith Vieira Show on Thursday. "This is the only family that Lamar has."

Lance has been in touch with Kris since Lamar was hospitalised and admitted that while Khloé’s marriage to the sportsman has broken down, the family still care deeply about him.

"I know from Kris, Kris loves him so much and she was the one that would just call him so much and stay in touch and make sure that he's OK," Lance said. "They knew Lamar was an addict and they wanted to make sure he was safe. There was really nothing they could do and you get to the point, you keep getting told when a family member or friend is going through something like that, sometimes you just have to cut it off and that's what they had to do with him.

“It cannot be an easy thing. They are by his side right now, they are in Vegas. It's just a sad situation all around."

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