If you love Twitter but hate it using up your data, read this!

By Pam Magwaza
06 April 2017

If you're an avid tweeter but the cost of data to use your favorite app has been breaking your budget — Twitter might have just come up with a perfect solution.

Are you an avid tweeter on a tight budget? We've got some good news for you.

Twitter has just launched Twitter Lite, a web experience that will use significantly less data but load up to 30% faster on slower connections like 2G.

The service was designed for countries like India, parts of Africa and South America where most cell phone users still rely on a slow internet connection and use cheaper devices.

Users with Android devices running Google Chrome  will also be able to receive push notifications from Twitter Lite’s mobile website on their smartphones or tablets. And Twitter Lite will also cache tweets offline, which will allow users to use it even if their connection drops.  

The bets part? All the features of the normal Twitter app or site such as the timeline, direct messages, trends, profiles, media uploads and notifications will still be available.

"In [data-saver] mode, you will see a preview of images and videos before choosing which ones to fully load," Twitter said in a statement on their blog.

"This can reduce your data usage by up to 70%, making it more affordable for you to use Twitter in areas where mobile data is expensive."

You can get it by visiting mobile.twitter.com on your smartphone or tablet.

Sources: Twitter

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