If your brain could write a love letter, this is what it would say

02 May 2017

Your body has something to say to you. Are you listening?


My angel,

It’s taken every ounce of courage I have to write this. I’ve wanted to unburden my heart to you for so long, and I can’t hold back any longer. Surely I don’t have to remind you that you are my everything and that my love for you is eternal?

Sweetheart, lately it feels as if you’ve forgotten how good we used to be together. It’s as if we are lost to each other, separated by a huge rift.  I am calling out to you through the mist, but you don’t hear me or recognise me.

This silence is killing me. Please don’t cut me off, Darling. Don’t let this be the end of us. Come back to me! We have our whole life ahead of us… and I promise you that we will fill it with the most beautiful memories.

You complete me.

Your Brain

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