If you’re broke, negotiate!

By admin
10 October 2013

Don’t bury your head in the sand and worry yourself silly about debt. Negotiate with your creditors.

A friend told me recently how he was taken aback when the tenants in his house asked if they could pay less rent. He’d planned to increase the rent, like he had done every other year, but here he was being asked for a discount! But because the tenants are taking good care of his property, he was prepared to negotiate.

The tenants undertook in return for the discount to do the repairs in and around the house which before my friend had to pay a handyman to do. The tenants also said they’d redesign and replant the front garden which gets flooded annually.

The outcome was a happy homeowner and happy tenants.

In the same way, you can negotiate with your doctor: ask for a discount or whether you could pay off your account over a few months.

And if you’re drowning in debt you could also negotiate with creditors. See them all personally and agree to pay a monthly fixed amount. This way they know you’re not ignoring your debt and are prepared to do something about it. Also make an appointment with your bank so they can advise you about this type of process. There’s no need to keep your head in the sand like an ostrich and worry yourself silly about debt.

-Elna van der Merwe, YOU lifestyle rewriter

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