Iggy Azalea denies kicking ex-fiancé Nick out of house

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22 June 2016

Iggy Azalea denies she kicked ex-fiance Nick Young out of the house they shared together, since he owns the Los Angeles property.

The Fancy rapper announced the couple's split on Instagram last Sunday, revealing she had major trust issues with the basketball star after he was caught on camera boasting about his sexual exploits behind his fiancee's back. On Monday, photos taken at their home surfaced online, showing furniture, keepsakes and artwork placed on the driveway, while the vintage 1962 Chevy Impala she gifted Young for Christmas in 2014 was seen being towed away. The pictures sparked rumours Iggy had forced Nick out of her home and hastily dumped his items outside, but she took to Twitter on Tuesday, insisting that was not the case. Read more: Iggy Azalea: ‘I have to have a talk with Nick Young before I put the ring back on’

"I never had anyone's car towed nor did I kick nick out of 'my' house," she wrote. "The home belongs to nick, I am the one moving. Thanks." Despite admitting her struggle with trust issues over the weekend in her Instagram post, Iggy explained she wished her now-ex "the best" moving forward, adding in the message caption: "It's never easy to part ways with the person you planned your entire future with, but futures can be rewritten and as of today mine is a blank page."

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The couple started to experience difficulties in March,2016 when video of Nick allegedly admitting to cheating on his fiancee, secretly taped by his Los Angeles Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell, was leaked online.

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Despite the drama, Iggy insisted she and Young were "good" days later, but she made it clear that a planned marriage was no longer definite. The couple became engaged a year ago.

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