'I'll always be watching you!' Man finds creepy 15-year-old message hidden inside his fireplace

By Petrus Malherbe
17 March 2016

Incredibly, he managed to track down the man who wrote it.

We’ve heard of a message in a bottle, but a message in a fireplace?

Ales Moss from Manchester in the UK recently made a startling discovery when he replaced the flooring of his bedroom.

When contractors opened the unused fireplace in the room, they found an unnerving 15-year-old note inside.


“Hello, welcome to my room, it’s 2001 and I am decorating this room,” the blast from the past reads.

But then things get sinister.

“Hope you enjoy your life, remember that I will always be watching you!” Helpfully, the writer signed off his note with the word “L8SERS” followed by his name, Darren Lucas. Alex was intrigued -- and set out to find the mysterious Darren. He posted a photo of the note on social media using the hashtag #finddarrenlucas.

Thanks to the powers of the internet, Darren was found within a couple of hours. And it seems he’s got pretty fond memories of the house he used to live in.
Soon after the two of them began to converse about their shared interest.
Darren even told Alex to anticipate the beautiful garden during summertime.
Then things got a little bit sad:
Before long though, Darren’s creepy undertones once again gave this whole exchange a sinister vibe.

Oh dear.

Sources: Twitter; Metro; Mirror.co.uk

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