'I'll never forgive him': man disfigured by complete stranger in excruciating acid attack

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27 January 2016

A British man who was left partially blind and disfigured after a complete stranger threw acid in his face says he couldn’t care less for his attacker’s apology.

“We walked past each other in court,” he says. “He pointed to his heart and said, ‘I’m sorry’.

"To be honest the apology fell on deaf ears. We just walked past each other. It [his apology] didn’t make any difference,” a severely disfigured Andreas Christopheros said of his “meeting” with his attacker, David Phillips, on the TV programme This Morning.

Andreas’ life changed drastically on 9 December 2014 when he answered the door of his house in Cornwall, England. David said, “This is for you, mate," and threw battery acid in his face.

David had driven about 483 km from his house in Hastings, East Sussex, to take revenge. David (49) believed Andreas had sexually assaulted someone close to him – but he had the wrong person and address.

Andreas says the attack happened in the blink of an eye. “The pain was unbearable; I’d never experienced anything like it,” he says.

Andreas’s face was burnt so badly he was unrecognisable. He says his whole life was investigated and every shred of it was examined by police while they were questioning him. Only later did they realise David had made a mistake.

After the attack he was in a coma for four days. When he regained consciousness he asked hospital staff to cover the mirrors so he couldn’t see himself. He was surrounded by friends when he looked at his reflection for the first time.

“I thought if I crack I might as well do so among friends. It was okay. That’s what it is.”

David was sentenced to life in prison but will serve only the minimum sentence of seven years and 68 days behind bars for assault with intent to to do grievous bodily harm.


Andreas described the verdict and sentence as a setback for him, his wife, Pia (33) and son Theo (2). “What happened, happened. Nothing will ever change that. You deal with what you’ve been given and go on.

“I’m 30 and have lost a year of my life. I don’t want to lose any more time. Time is precious.”

He was initially doubtful about having his son by his hospital bedside. Would the little boy be afraid or not recognise him?

“Fortunately he was fantastic. He looked at me and two seconds later reached for me and clung to me as if he would never let go. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

Andreas “now wears a silicone mask to protect his face and is waiting for his eyelids to heal.

"At the moment I’m still having trouble with my eyelids, nose and mouth,” he explained.

“I don’t care what I look like, but everything must function.

Sources: Daily Mail; The Mirror

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