‘I’m alive again – and happy!’

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10 December 2010

Amor Vittone gets up to check on her children,Jordan (6) and Kylie (4), who are playing in a park in Fourways, Johannesburg. She looks good in a black top, jeans with designer rips and extremely high heels.

One thing is clear: Amor (39) is light years away from the woman who on a miserable Sunday a year ago thought about driving off a bridge.

She has a new life filled with wonderful new things and activities, from a flashy sponsored Mercedes Benz and cellphone to dance roles on stage and her own perfume, New Beginnings.

Estranged husband Joost van der Westhuizen sadly asked recently if they really had to get divorced. “I know he wants to try again. I’m not going back to him. I’ve given Joost many chances to save our marriage and he wasted them.”

She’s determined to put these things behind her and focus on the new. “It’s as if I’m experiencing a rebirth,” she says. “I even have a new record company, Marula Music, releasing my new CD which is also about a new start.”

“I feel alive again,” she says. “I’m happy. For the first time in more than a year I feel comfortable with myself again. The old Amor – the spontaneous, free, loving Amor – is coming back. I’m doing the things I love again.”

Amor gives motivational talks to women around the country, her message being you can resuscitate your strengths, as she has, and emerge from heartbreak a better person.

“Don’t beg for crumbs,” she says. “If someone doesn’t treat you with respect don’t beg for his love.”

There was a time when she was too emotionally and physically exhausted to take proper care of herself, she says. “I didn’t exercise and I think I looked a bit of a mess sometimes. I had only enough energy to focus on my children and my job.

“But now I like what I’m seeing in the mirror. I’m exercising and eating healthily and I wear pretty clothes. And I’m doing it just for me.”

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