“I'm free!”

By admin
20 April 2011

“I'm free!” This is how social butterfly and TV presenter Loui Fish feels after her bitter divorce battle with former husband, soccer player Mark Fish, was finalized in court today.

The couple’s 11-year marriage ran aground more than three years ago, but a Pretoria court today confirmed granted the divorce.

Loui and Mark have now reached a settlement that includes sharing custody of their two sons,Luke (13) and Zeke (10), who will stay alternately with each parent.

Loui wasn’t present in court for the judgment.

With her long-standing legal battles finally over, the Tonge Los presenter says she can now focus on her relationship with Pretoria businessmanBrian Hermann (43), who she’s been dating for three months, and on her upcoming presenting gig on Louis van Wyk's Musical Mania tour.

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