‘I’m not a bad guy,’ says Bloem man after catching and caging neighbour’s cat

By Jacques Myburgh
17 April 2016

On one side of the fence is the man whose precious cat, Katjie, was left in a trap in the rain. On the other is the man who set the trap because his expensive racing pigeons are being terrorised by cats.

Most of us are all too familiar with the problem: bad blood between neighbours.

And for two neighbours in the City of Roses locked in a bitter feud it’s about animals close to their heart.

Pierre, who doesn’t want his surname mentioned, says his beloved white cat is still badly traumatised after being trapped on the property of his neighbour Johannes Strydom (70).

Johannes apparently set up a tiny cage and suspended a juicy chicken drumstick inside. His reason, he says, was to catch stray cats on the property.

Last week Katjie was the unfortunate moggie caught in the cage.

“It was pouring with rain that day,” Pierre recalls.

His domestic helper was the first to hear Katjie’s miserable meowing. “I peeked over the wall [between our houses] and saw Katjie. Her meowing was terrible.”

He went immediately to knock at Johannes’ door and demanded that he set Katjie free and leave her alone in future.

“It wasn’t the first time something has happened to my cats,” Pierre says. A while back he found one of his cats dead on his property. The cause of death was never determined, but poison was suspected.

“We’ve never had problems with our neighbours before,” Pierre says with a sigh. “Actually, we all lived together in harmony.”

Katjie is still traumatised, he says. She refused to leave the room for days on end and still runs away in terror when strangers arrive.

When YOU went to see Johannes at his home, he told us through his palisade fence he’s sorry things between him and Pierre have turned out the way they have, but he can’t afford to have cats hunting his pigeons.

“Some of them are worth R6 000 each.”

He says stray cats have caught some of his pigeons in the past, and it was never his intention to catch Katjie specifically.

“I had no idea it was their cat trapped in my garden in the rain.

“After all, you can see I’m not a bad guy.”

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