Imaginary friends? Fake Prince Harry befriends fake Prince William

By admin
21 May 2014

Prince Harry's reality TV impersonator, Matt Hicks, has befriended professional Prince William lookalike Simon Watkinson on Twitter.

Prince Harry's impersonator has been wished luck on his new reality show by a Prince William lookalike.

Matt Hicks - who duped 12 American females into thinking he was the flame-haired royal for new dating reality show I Wanna Marry Harry - has befriended Simon Watkinson, who claims to be the world's best Prince William impersonator, on Twitter.

The royal double took to the social media site to wish Matt luck on the launch of his show, which begins airing on US network FOX yesterday.

He wrote: "Good luck mate!"

Prince Harry's doppelgänger responded: "Thaaaaaanks. Think I need it! (sic)"

And it seems the royal impostors could be planning a public meet-up, which is certain confuse fans of the real Harry (29) and William (31).

Simon - who tweets using the handle @WillsLookalike - wrote to Matt: "I'm sure it will be brilliant. Such a good laugh. I'd like to hear more about it all once it's all calmed down for you. (sic)"

The professional Prince William impersonator has appeared on TV shows across the world and taken part in numerous photoshoots posing as the royal heir.

-Bang Showbiz

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