In Paris with Vanessa Hudgens

By admin
09 March 2012

Hey You’s Esté Langeveldt boarded a plane to Paris to get up close and personal with Vanessa Hudgens who was in the (freezing) city of love to promote her new movie, fantasy adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.   

Vanessa and her co-star Josh Hutcherson enter the room at The Bristol hotel (the same hotel, by the way, featured in the latest Woody Allen flick, Midnight in Paris), greeting everyone with a friendly “Bonjour!”

But while I’m dazzled by their good looks I can’t help noticing how short Josh is – clearly the camera adds height as well as kilos!

But what he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in personality. And the 19-year-old seems genuinely happy to see me and the five other journalists who have flown in from around the world.

Vanessa (23) is even more beautiful in the flesh and is wearing a black cardigan over a sequined dress cut so low I’m worried she’s going to have a nip slip.

I introduce myself and she immediately starts gushing about how much she loves South African accents.

Read more of Esté Langeveldt’s interview with Vanessa and Josh in YOU 15 March 2012.

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