IN PICTURES: Armpit ink is the latest tattoo trend

By Nombulelo Manyana
24 June 2017

Apparently, getting your armpit tattooed "hurts more than you can imagine."

Some adventurous folks get tattoos in some pretty weird (and risque...) places. But this has to take the cake. #Armpittattoos seem to be the new Instagram trend -- and we're not sure how we feel about them.

Right I the sweet spot on Alaina by @disintegrationxvx she's still got a few spots left this week peeps! ?

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According to Inked Magazine the location allows for artists to get pretty creative with their designs. READ MORE: People are having fake ‘freckles’ tattooed onto their faces But before you consider going under the needle, you should know: "The not so cool thing about it is that it hurts more than you can imagine."

Crazy man Gordon going down the pit. Thank you!

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Teen Vogue reports armpit tattoos aren't an entirely new concept because ribcage or full "sleeve" tattoos often extend upward into the armpit region. "It's not unusual for someone who opts for ink sleeves that cover the entirety of their arm or arms to also have some of that body art in their armpit." But this new trend sees people opting to tattoo directly in the centre of their underarm. Intricate floral designs are particularly popular ink designs but anything goes -- really.

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Sources: Teen Vogue, Inked magazine

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