IN PICTURES: This cow and dog are inseparable

By Pam Magwaza
03 April 2016

These photos of Moonpie and Spackle will melt your heart.

It was a case of love at first sight for these two. Miniature cow, Moonpie, has stolen the internet's heart after pictures of her and her best friend, Spackle, a deaf bull terrier, were posted on the Rocky Ridge Refuge page on Facebook. Rocky Ridge Refuge is an animal sanctuary in northern Arkansas. The organisation purchased Moonpie at an auction to save her from any ill-meaning buyers. Founder Janice Wolf told TODAY that Moonpie arrived about a month and a half ago. Wolf's two dozen rescue dogs immediately took her under their collective wing and she says Spackle is the most in love with Moonpie.

Adorable shots of the pair with their other doggy friend, Baby Cadbury, have received widespread "awww's" from thousands of Facebook users who then shared the pictures hundreds of times.

Here are some of our favourite shots of the unlikely duo:


Moonpie giving Mozy a goodbye kiss:

Rocky Ridge Refuge has also been known for other unlikely animal friendships in the past, such as:

DooDah the Great Dane and Roomba the pig.

A chicken and a capybara:

And as an added bonus, one of Rocky Ridge's pups caught on camera after winning a fight with a couch cushion:

Sources: Today, Facebook

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