IN PICTURES: US war veteran becomes hot Instagram celeb

By Pam Magwaza
04 April 2017

She's definitely more than just a pretty face!

Who would have thought that one of Instagram's sexiest accounts belongs to a former United States Air Force veteran-turned-fitness model. Proving it's never too late to follow your childhood dreams, Hope Isabel Howard left the army to become a fitness model and boy, has she succeeded at that! She shared her story about how she decided to join the army in her teens on her website. "As I graduated high school I joined the United States Air Force and became a fighter jet mechanic. At the age of 19 I was deployed to Afghanistan where I had an M-16 machine gun strapped to me pretty much 24/7. This was both the worst and best experience of my life because I did an immense amount of growing and began to see the world differently."

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She continued by writing that during her time in Afghanistan she began to allow herself to once again reach for her dream which led to her changing her diet and beginning to work on improving her body. Four years later she was an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) bikini model, personal trainer and nearing the end of her six-year enlistment with the military.

Happy Sunday lovers!????

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These days her Instagram account has more than 588 000 followers and she's actively changed people's lives by advising them on their diets and ways to get fit.

These are a few of her most-liked shots from Instagram:

Afternoon strolls in my @luxefitness apparel top. - P.s. so comfy and keeps the ladies where they're supposed to be.?

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Day after fajitas, chips, salsa, and cupcakes so your girl was feelin nice and thick! ? A post shared by HOPE HOWARD (@hopeisabelhoward) on

And a few posts with her husband — yes, we can hear hearts breaking all the way over here!

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Sources: Hope Howard, Instagram

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