Incredible! Cat covers 3 200 km in two years to find owner

By admin
20 March 2014

A cat that went missing two years ago in South Carolina, America, has turned up 3 200 away in the state of Southern California.

Kevin the striped moggy was found in a trailer earlier this month.

An official investigated when he heard sounds in a trailer during a routine inspection. The owner of the trailer said she wasn’t aware of the presence of the cat.

The dehydrated animal was taken to an animal sanctuary, which located the owner thanks to a microchip in the cat’s ear.

Owner Cheryl Walls quipped that Kevin has now probably seen more of that country than she has.

Apart from being dehydrated Kevin was none the worse for wear, in fact it seems to have been well looked after by someone over the past two years. It remains a mystery how the cat landed in the trailer.

Sources: Yahoo News, NBC News

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