Indian court grants raped girl (10) permission to have an abortion

By Kim Abrahams
17 May 2017

India doesn’t allow abortions unless the termination is necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman.

An Indian court has granted a pregnant 10-year-old girl permission to abort her unborn baby after she was repeatedly raped by her stepfather.

The girl, who is believed to be about five months pregnant, was frequently sexually abused by her stepfather while her mother, a migrant labourer on a construction site, went out to work.

A request for an abortion was taken to a local district court on Tuesday because the girl was more than 20 weeks pregnant.

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"The court has asked the doctors to terminate this pregnancy," Dr S.K. Dhattarwal, from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in India, told CNN. "We are examining the female to determine the best method for abortion. It will be carried out in the evening."  

After suspecting her child might be pregnant, the mother, from the Bihar state in India, took the girl to a doctor.

Once the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, the girl told her mother her stepfather had been sexually abusing her.

According to Pankaj Nain, superintendent of the Rohtak police, the abuse ‘had been going on for years’.

"The stepfather has been arrested and is in jail," Nain told CNN.

“The victim has been given counselling and necessary medical care and her statement was recorded before a magistrate.”


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