Indonesian boy jumps to death over Spiderman viewing ban

By admin
04 May 2014

An Indonedian boy, aged five, jumped to his death after his mother banned him from watching the Spiderman movie.

A five-year-old Indonesian boy jumped to his death in Jakarta after his mother forbade him viewing the movie Spiderman, local media reported Thursday.

The boy, named Valentino, leaped from his bedroom window on the 19th floor, according to news portal

Local police chief Suyudi Aryo Seto said the boy was upset after his 24-year-old mother, identified as Eva, said he could not watch the film while she was busy tending to his younger sibling.

The kindergarten pupil locked himself in his room, refusing to let his mother in. Eva went to the building's mechanics on the second floor to ask for help.

"When she was on the second floor, she heard the news that someone had fallen off the building and found out that the victim was her son," Suyudi was quoted as saying.


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