Instagrammer horrified to discover photo of her body being used by someone else – with a different face!

By Lauren Klaasen
10 February 2017

When Jessica Hunt scrolled through her Instagram feed over the weekend, the last thing she expected to find was her body – with a completely different head.

When Jessica Hunt scrolled through her Instagram feed over the weekend the last thing she expected to see was her body – with someone else's face.

The young woman from Plymouth, England, spotted a stranger on Instagram making use of her body (and kitchen) on social media. She was incredibly shocked by the altered image, The Sun reports. "OH MY GOD," Jessica wrote on Twitter. "That's my body and my house but whose face is that!?!? Catfish game is getting silly."

The picture was otherwise completely unaltered. Jessica didn't reveal where she'd found the stolen photo, or what the Photoshopping thief was using it for.

According to Urban Dictionary, "catfishing" refers to "the phenomenon of internet predators who fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional or romantic relationships (over a long time)."

Jessica had shared the original image on Instagram five weeks ago.

@verityanneclothing have done it again!? I absolutely loved this dress last night ??? A photo posted by Jessica Hunt (@jesshunt2) on

Her outraged tweet garnered more than 32 000 retweets and 461 replies, and many Twitter users found it less disturbing and more entertaining.

Some followers went back to the original image posted by Jessica to compare and shared a few of their thoughts.

"For the record: this pic is better than the edited one," a follower commented on her Instagram post. Naturally, the internet took it a step further and created a few edits of their own, which included the face of US President Donald Trump and Coronation Street character Gail Platt.

The catfish artist hasn't yet been identified.

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