iNumber Number: Latest SA film will dazzle

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25 April 2014

Local talent is shown off in the latest South African hit iNumber Number, opening in cinemas on Friday.

The South African film industry is on a roll! This Friday South Africans can look forward to seeing an action film directed by Donovan Marsh that will showcase homegrown talent.

S’dumo Mtshali, of Isibaya fame, and his co-star Presley Chweneyagae – who played the lead in Academy Award-winning film Tsotsi – tell the story of two policemen is South Africa faced with the dilemma of whether or not to give in to the temptation of becoming corrupt.

It is a unique South African story that has the potential to spark the conversation on the link between the fight for economic freedom and corruption in the police service. Donovan, who also directed the hit Spud movies, says the concept for iNumber Number was initially conceived during the acting competition Class Act in 2010. As the one of his prizes for winning, S’dumo won a feature film and iNumber Number specifically written for him. Donovan says the version that we will see in the cinema was actually a rewrite of the initial script.

'There is no such thing as good or bad there are just strong and weak choices in life.'

“I had a whole different script but it was just too expensive to make so I had to write another one. It took me about a year,” he says.

S’dumo says he did a lot of research for his role as he wanted to understand his character well enough to be believable.

“I have a cousin who is a policewoman. I spent time with her and her colleagues. I asked them questions about the challenges they go through and how they deal with it you know. Things like that that I could only find out from someone who has been there,” S’dumo explains.

S’dumo’s character Chili goes rogue after he is wrongfully denied a cash reward for a case he worked on.  He says when he was researching for his role he realised: “There is no such thing as good or bad there are just strong and weak choices in life.”

Presley says this role was very special to him as it was different from his previous roles.

“I get to play the good guy and that’s a positive because people to think you can only play one thing when you always play a certain role,” says Presley.

S’dumo also says he was under a lot of pressure to perform because he was acting alongside people he had been watching for a long time.

Other seasoned actors include former Isidingo actors Brandon Auret and Hlubi Mboya and Carlo Radebe who is most famous for his role as Duke on Backstage.

Hlubi was the only female in the cast and says this role pushed her to levels she hadn’t reached as an actress.

“I learned so much. I did all the stunts myself and I learned that there is no such thing as a small role just small actors. I wanted to stretch myself as an actress and show people that I can do more. I wanted to bring real girl power, something that people would actually believe.

The film will be adapted in the United States of America by Universal Pictures. Donovan says as far as he knows this will be a first for the film industry in South Africa.

“The film will be completely adapted, using their own actors and own title. I do not have the final say but I am in talks with them and giving ideas. The way the heist goes down will obviously be more sophisticated in the US,” says Donovan.

iNumber Number will be released across Ster-KInekor and Nu-Metro cinemas on Friday 25 April. 

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