Is Austin Mahone the new Justin Bieber?

By admin
21 February 2014

Yes, we can hear all the Mahonies and Bieliebers screaming they’re both artists in their own right, but we can’t help but notice the similarities in some of the singers’ Instagram posts. Check it out.


 justin-bieber-3 instagram austin-mahone-3 instagram

Buddies with Drake

 justin-bieber-7 instagram austin-mahone-7 instagram

Car selfie

 justin-bieber-5 instagram austin-mahone-5 instagram

The Close-up

 justin-bieber-11 instagram austin-mahone-1 instagram

Expensive rides

 justin-bieber-4 instagram austin-mahone-4 instagram

Sick selfie

 justin-bieber-8 instagram austin-mahone-8 instagram

Striking a pose on stage

 justin-bieber-21 instagram austin-mahone-2 instagram


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