Is French Montana cheating on Khloé?

By Lara Atson
26 June 2014

Oh dear! French Montana seems to be stirring up some trouble.

Poor Khloé! It looks like the reality star’s new beau, rapper French Montana, has been a bad boy.

The 29-year-old rapper apparently hit on a college student after a recent gig at a club in Lawrence, Massachussetts. Khloé Kardashian’s family has been warning her against the rapper because they think he’s only in the relationship to make headlines. Could they be right?

A 23-year-old radio intern, Mariela Sanchez, claims the rapper tried to hook up with her after she requested an interview with him. He also invited her to his tour bus, she said on the Matty In The Morning Show, where she has been an intern for about a month.

After her request for an interview Mariela was escorted to a VIP area where French was hanging out with a bunch of girls. But they soon got the boot. He then took Mariela’s cell phone and made her call him so he could have her number, she says. She has his number as proof of the encounter. French also promised to fly her out to New York City whenever she wanted to see him.

When they were alone he climbed on top of her and “he licked my ear’’, she said. ‘‘I had to push him off. I had to double push.’’

Khloé (29) clearly doesn’t believe Mariela’s story because she was snapped in New York with the rapper the same day the story broke. At the time of the incident Khloé was with her family to celebrate her niece North West’s first birthday.

Khloé celebrates her 30th birthday tomorrow. All she wants for her birthday is his friendship and honesty,  a source says. “That alone is the best present and one that she absolutely wants from him. All that material sh** is pointless and honestly, Khloé can go without. She just wants French to remain sweet and innocent.’’ We hope she gets her wish. The last thing poor Khloé needs is another cheater in her life!


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