Is he alive and well? Startling new claims Olivia Newton-John’s ‘dead’ ex-boyfriend is secretly living in Mexico

By Kirstin Buick
21 March 2016

It’s been over a decade since the beloved Grease star’s beau mysteriously vanished while on a fishing trip on the coast of San Pedro, California in 2005, leaving behind only his wallet and keys.

There has been no sign of Olivia Newton-John’s former partner Patrick McDermott since then, and the cameraman was presumed to have been dead.

But a shocking new report claims Patrick is actually alive and well in Mexico – where he lives with his girlfriend.

The Daily Mail Australia claims the former cameraman faked his own death and has been hiding out in a rural area of the Central American country since his highly-publicised disappearance all those years ago.

Patrick, who was 48 when he disappeared, owed over $10 000 (R154 000) in child support to ex-wife, CSI actress Yvette Nipar for their son, Chance.

The outlet quote’s weekly magazine Woman’s Day, in Australia, where Olivia (67) lives, which claims to have “fresh evidence” that Patrick, who is of Korean descent, settled down in Mexico with his European girlfriend.

“It's rumoured he was with a German national,” investigator John Nazarian said. “I spoke to people there. The girl he was travelling with was described as having a German accent.”

Olivia was heartbroken after Patrick’s disappearance and the subsequent frustrating search along the California coastline that ensued.

The official report by the US coastguard concluded that Patrick had fallen overboard and "most likely drowned.”

But Nazarian claims this is bizarre. “To come up with the conclusion that he fell off the boat, and allegedly no-one saw him fall off the boat, is the most preposterous thing I've ever heard in my life.”

This is not the first time Patrick has been linked to Mexico. In 2009, a Texas-based private investigator Philip Klein said he had been contacted by alleged representatives of Patrick’s, begging him to leave Olivia’s former partner alone.

Klein, who had been investigating the matter on behalf of the American TV show Dateline, claimed he had tracked Patrick to remote town Sayulita where he “worked as a deck hand”.

Olivia has yet to comment on recent reports, but she did comment on the possibility Patrick may have faked his own death a year after he went missing. "We'd be thrilled if it was true," she said.

Yvette, who was married to Patrick for two years from 1992, believes her ex-husband is dead, and has called the detective “a serial liar looking to be famous at the expense of an unfortunate tragedy in our lives."

Olivia has since found love with John Easterling, the founder and president of natural remedy firm Amazon Herb Company, whom she married on a mountaintop in Peru in 2008.

“John is an extraordinary and special person, kind, sweet and loving,” the Xanadu songstress said.

“He has a lot of integrity and authenticity and I feel for him madly and deeply. He's thoughtful and attentive. He's one in a million and I couldn't be more enthralled that he is mine.”

“I am the happiest woman in the world.”

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