Is social media hurting your kids' self esteem?

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17 September 2016

Children who are big social media users are more likely to be unhappy with their appearance.

In a Government backed study carried out by Essex University in Britain, it was found that only around half of kids who spent more than three hours a night on sites like Facebook and Twitter were happy with how they look, compared to 82 per cent of non-users.

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A study group of 3,500 children was looked at, with ages ranging from 10 to 15. The group was determined from the results of a survey of U.K. households carried out by the university, called Understanding Society. Girls were twice as likely as boys to use social networking sites for long periods, but heavy users of both sexes were found to be more likely to argue with their parents, with 44 per cent admitting to falling out with their mums more than once a week.

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Other figures include 17 per cent of heavy social media users saying they are bullied a lot or quite a lot, with 11 per cent of light users claiming the same. Heavy users are more likely to skip school, with 14 per cent admitting to being truant, compared to only 6 per cent of moderate users. Heavy users are also more likely to act up in class.

Not all of the results were so negative though; a whopping 90 per cent of heavy social media users said they had ambitions to go to university, compared to 87 per cent of light users and 82 per cent of non-users.

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