Is someone tracking you on WhatsApp? Software flaw allows hackers to bypass your privacy settings

By Kirstin Buick
11 February 2015

A Dutch developer has exposed what he says are WhatsApp's "broken" privacy options – by developing "simple" software that can track your movements.

Maikel Zweerink has developed software that allows users to get around the mobile messaging service's privacy settings.

According to Mail Online, the "design flaw" lies in the optional status feature, which shows other users when you were last seen online.

"The privacy options in Whatsapp act like they give you full control over your status in Whatsapp meanwhile they only affect a very limited scope," Zweerink wrote on his blog.

panel-whatsspy-track PHOTO:

"Sure, the last seen, profile picture and status options do work, but probably not as the user intended it to."

Zweernik says he developed the software, WhatsSpy Public, to draw attention to the flaw. The programme, which only works on jail-broken iPhones or a rooted Android devices, compiles a timeline of a WhatsApp user's online status, tracking any use, status and even showing their profile picture.

"You may think now you've set all options to "nobody" you are safe, privacy-wise, but nevertheless I can still track your moves on WhatsApp,” he says.

Sources: The Mirror, Mail Online, International Business Times

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