Is this SA celeb the spitting image of Suits' Harvey Specter?

By admin
11 June 2016

Separated at birth? The local star admitted he "often gets told" he looks just like Gabriel Macht.

Do you also think Idols winner Heinz Winkler is a dead ringer for Suits actor Gabriel Macht? Or should we rather day that Harvey Specter looks more like Heinz Winkler?

Heinz recently asked his Instagram followers what they thought. He captioned the photo of the actor, “I get told often I look like @gabrielmacht - what do you think?” Read more: See the model who everyone thinks looks just like Angelina Jolie “Yep, it’s your naughty eyes that are the same,” one fan commented. Another agreed and said: “I have always been saying this Heinz Winkler. You are still my favourite.”

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Gabriel visited South Africa in September last year for a campaign he did with DSTV. He is also DSTV Premium’s brand ambassador. And although we have come to love the charismatic actor dressed in designer suits, he was dressed quite comfortably in a blue shirt, jeans and a brown jacket at a press conference. Read more: Seeing double! Can you tell which woman is the real Kim K? “This is pretty much me, responded the actor when quizzed on his personal style. “I’ve got to say, when I started on the show, suits for me were very much a weddings and funerals thing.

“I wouldn’t be caught in a suit unless I was playing a character or going to an event. That said, now that I’m on the show, I get to wear the most beautiful suits probably in the world. They are very comfortable and very streamlined. And I actually don’t mind wearing them while working…”

Maybe we should get Heinz in one of his suits to see the resemblance a bit better?

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