Is this sneaky YouTube proposal the most creative one yet?

By admin
30 December 2014

Romance is alive and well on the net!

Craig Benzine spent months planning to pop the question to his girlfriend, Chyna. He didn’t take her to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or arrange a romantic island getaway. Instead he used YouTube.

Craig, who loads videos onto YouTube under the name WheezyWaiter, has gained quite a few followers on the social network over the years. He makes videos about almost everything. Sometimes he comments on sensational news and at other times he might just be eating a biscuit or making his bed. He has more than 1000 videos on YouTube.

A few months ago he began to choose the titles of his videos so that if you read the first letter of a series of videos the words formed would spell out the question, “Chyna Will You Marry Me?”

Craig then asked Chyna to read the message, while he knelt on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Watch the video to find out what her answer was.


-- Joanie Bergh

SOURCE:, youtube, wheezywaiter

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